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Limited Addition Miles/Saban prints

A couple of years ago I did a piece I called "Rivalry" that featured Les Miles of LSU and Nick Saban of Alabama to raise money for the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Foundation. Both coaches were gracious enough to sign the original piece as well as ten prints. Each year the Hall of Fame Foundation auctions off a print in the days leading up to the LSU vs. Alabama game. This year Vincent from Connecticut wont he winning bid. Vincent requested that I also sign the piece so it was mailed to me, I signed it, then it was mailed to Vincent. It's not every day that I am asked to sign something AFTER Miles and Saban have signed it. Of course, there probably aren't too may items floating around that has both their signatures on it since they are very competitive with one another. When I had them sign the original and the prints it was something I will never forget. I met with Miles one day and Saban the next and both brought interesting memories that I will never forget.

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