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Discovering new backgrounds leads to abstract painting.

I'm always trying to come up with new exciting backgrounds that have never been seen before for my sports art. While doing so I started looking into Gerhard Richter's work. Richter uses giant squeegees and scrapes the paint across the surface causing the paints to streak and blend. I've done several backgrounds using this same style but with small squeegees and I've had some great results. I started experimenting with many more ways to create texture on the surface using palette knives, gel medium, serveral different kinds of paint and many other things. The above painting called "Trust Decay" is a piece I recently finished using several of these mediums and tools. While I will always think it would look better with a figure in front of it I am happy with the results. I've already had several people ask me what it means and my answer is "what does it mean to you?". I believe abstract art doesn't need to be explained. It might mean something different to each person that looks at it. The biggest thing I want to come across is that it's pleasing to look at and like any other art piece that depends on the viewer as well.

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