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Honoring an Air Force Pilot.

You never know when you will get a commission. For me, I've learned to always let people know what you do no matter what situation you're in. I want every person I come in contact with to know that I'm an artist and what kind of art I do. What better way to advertise. Just think of how many people you come into contact with on any given day.

When I needed some new wheels and tires for my jeep that I had recently lifted and had body work done on I was given a name of a reliable person that knows his stuff. Scott at Diamond Off Road is known among the jeep community as someone that knows everything there is to know about, not just jeeps, but anything with four wheels. I have turned to Scott several times for work on my jeep and we've gotten to know each other. After a while Scott asked me if I would be interested in creating a piece or two for his wife. We discussed what he wanted and what he thought she would like and so the process began.

The day I delivered the piece was one of those days you don't forget as an artist. I showed Scott and his wife the portrait and after a few seconds tears ran down her face. I captured her son doing what he was born to do. He was sitting in the cockpit of the his jet. You know you've done it right

when Momma sheds tears.

It was an honor to make my patrons happy by given them the piece they dreamed up but also an honor to create a piece of one of the nation's finest. Thank you sir for your service. We are forever in your debt.

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