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Featured in Beckett Baseball and Vintage Collector.

I was contacted in January about being featured in Beckett Magazine. I was pleasantly surprised and honored. Over the next couple of months we exchanged emails and phone calls. I was asked to send photos of work that I would like featured and I gave them several options. I gave them a few images of some of my favorite pieces such as "Satchel", "Ed Reed", and "Manny Mota".

In may I was sent a few copies of the magazine and was told that they liked how the article turned out so much that they were also going to feature it in the June issue of Vintage Collector.

It's an honor to be featured in two different magazines by Beckett Media.

When I was growing up and even when I got into the minor leagues with the Cubs I wanted to be in Beckett Magazine as a player. I'm very proud to have accomplished something as an artist that I wasn't able to accomplish as a player.

I'm happy to get the recognition and this only fuels me to work harder.

Thank you to Beckett Media!!!

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